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Posted by Saket Suman 2017-07-10

I like perman upload more games

Posted by Golu Singh 2017-06-24

I like it

Posted by bhaskar halder 2017-05-16

Nice game but I really like perman please develop more games on perman.This is my request

Posted by Shubh Jain 2017-05-13

Sabse sada game . mario ki copy kar di .sada game

Posted by 2017-05-06


Posted by 2017-05-06

Thisis so cool

Posted by Ayesha Fatima 2017-05-02

Awesome game

Posted by bidhi chand 2017-05-01

Posted by Barira Malpe 2017-04-28

I love this game very much it is very cool

Posted by Vishal Shrivastava 2017-04-21

I love perman please the makers make more and more perman games I loved it

Posted by 2017-03-30

Very disgusting ............worst the characters are bad

Posted by Sonu Yadav 2017-03-29

Jaldi Jaldi

Posted by Rajnish Mishra 2017-03-10

This game is cool.

Posted by 2017-11-30

Please make more perman game it is nice but I play perman more game

Posted by 2017-11-23

I love perman. So plz pkz plz plz plz plz develop more perman games it is my request. And i waited

Posted by PERMAN CHANNEL 2017-11-16

PlZ install 3d Perman Game

Posted by ashim pal 2017-11-06

I think that this game is the wonderful game in the INDIA

Posted by Uttam Kumar Behera 2017-11-02

Plz develop more perman games. I want to play with all permans mostly Paco. I m waiting

Posted by 2017-11-01

Good make more games of perman

Posted by ARMAN 2017-10-31

all is good ....but pls make it ultra grafics and storymode like AC:BLACKFLAG.....pls add more powerufs ...and most request, make it 1st person game with ultra grafics , locations , game controller buttons , powerufs and much more......i know its toooo hard but that is wish for all perman lovers... pls do it..

Posted by Afia farjana 2017-10-22

It could have been better but I love Perman so

Posted by sey guna96 2017-10-09

Nice god job

Posted by Soumen Mondal 2017-09-30

I love perman all things

ParmanPosted by Aslam Lat 2017-09-23


Posted by vivek shaw 2017-09-16


Posted by 2017-09-02

Perman love you

Posted by Rayan Pinto 2017-08-29

I like perman pls make more new episodes

Posted by 2017-08-26

i love please show on Nick and Hungama

Posted by Hamza Fazil 2017-08-20

Make other games

Posted by Mayank Mishra 2017-08-15

Pretty good but Pls make us to change from micsuo to perman

Posted by Shreemandar Tambat 2017-08-10

Very badd

Posted by TECHS WITH VISHAL 2017-04-21

I love perman please the makers make more and more perman games I loved it

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